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Foto BelenThe Cucurbits breeding group, led by the cucurbit breeder B. Pico, started his activities in 1996. The group has been involved in genetic resources activities, specifically germplasm characterization and evaluation for important morpho- agronomic characters, as well as in the development and use of molecular markers in the analysis of genetic diversity, the establishment of genetic relationships, the development of core collections, and the identification of markers linked to useful traits. This agronomical and molecular characterization has allowed the selection of superior genotypes that have been used in breeding programs for improving disease resistance and fruit quality, mainly of melons and pumpkins. Recent biotechnologies, such as massive sequencing and high throughput genotyping platforms, are being applied for cucurbits breeding. The group has generated TILLING and EcoTILLING platforms in melons, the first complete transcriptomes of melon and pumpkin, and the first large collections of SNPs in both crops. SNPs collections have been implemented into the first high throughput genotyping platforms available for these species. These genomic resources, the first available for these cucurbits, have been employed for the generation of SNPs-based genetic maps, useful in marker-assisted selection, and the construction of new mapping populations, such as collection of introgression lines suitable for QTL dissection.

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