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tradicionalesTraditional varieties represent the major source of variation in the cultivated species. Although they were actively used in initial breeding processes in the early 20t century, the use of wild genetic resources has minimized the attention given to these materials.

Our group is focused in the analysis of these traditional genetic resources from a holistic perspective in order to promote their use in research and the recovery of their cultivation and on-farm conservation. Our research lines include:

  • Agro-morphological evaluation of traditional varieties of vegetables.
  • Development of description records and identification of interesting sources of variation for breeding programmes.
  • Organoleptic, nutritional and functional characterization for the identification of potential sources of variation in breeding programmes.
  • Evaluation of DNA variation for the improvement of plant genetic resources management and ex situ conservation.
  • Integral breeding of traditional lines to provide the farmers with reliable and economically viable materials targeted to high-price quality markets.

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