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Group of Bioinformatics & Genomics - Introduction

tomato pixel 250COMAV’s bioinformatics & genomics The COMAV institute is devoted to the preservation of the horticultural plant variability and to the plant breeding on horticultural species. Our group works in genetic, genomic and bioinformatic analysis of these species. To accomplish these goals we have developed some software that it might be of some use to other researchers like ngs_backbone or sff_extract. We also provide analysis and technical support to other researchers.

Our main research interests are: Genomic and transcriptomic analysis, Development of genetic markers, Analysis of NGS sequences, Study of variation in cultivated and wild populations.

We have a broad experience on the field of sequence analysis, both sanger and NGS based, that we make available to the biological and biomedical communities. Our portfolio of bioinformatic Services includes:

  • NGS sequence analysis.
  • NGS library construction.
  • Bioinformatic technology consultancy.
  • Basic and advanced training in bioinformatics.
  • Custom bioinformatic tool development.
  • Genome database and web site development.

Joaquín Cañizares

Teléfono : (+34)963877000
Ext: 88470

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