The Genebank of the Institute of Conservation and Improvement of the Agrodiversity (COMAV) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia stores a collection of near 15.000 accessions of approximately 200 species of vegetable crops. A big proportion of the accessions belongs to the Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae families. Composite, Leguminous, Crucíferae and Umbellifers are other families with high quantity of accessions. .

Most part of the collections has been collected by the COMAV´s team in collecting expeditions carried out in Spain and also in other countries. Donations and exchange with other genebanks contribute to increase the number of accessions.

Activities conducted in the Genebank are conservation, collecting, characterization, evaluation and documentation of the stored genetic resources. The use is promoted by contacts with farmers, public and private researchers and other institutions. The evaluation of accessions for resistan ce to diseases and quality parameters, using classical methodologies and the most advanced techniques on genomics, conducted in the COMAV´s laboratories facilitates the exploitation, diffusion and promotion of the genetic resources stored.