Group of Exploiting Extra-Specific Variability in Tomato Breeding - Introduction

Foto Extra Specific IntroThe research group focuses on exploiting different wild tomato relatives in genetic breeding of the cultivated species. One of the objectives is the development of plant materials resistant to Tomato yellow leaf curl disease (TYLCD). Concretely, research is being carried out to use resistance to TYLCD derived from Solanum chilense, S. peruvianum and S. lycopersicoides. Regarding S. chilense-derived resistance, determination of the genetic control and fine mapping of the resistance genes are in progress.

On the other hand, different generations derived from accession S. peruvianum PI126944 have been previously developed in the research institute. This accession is especially useful given that accumulates resistance to different diseases, among them TYLCD. The aim is the development of a set of introgression lines (ILs) of PI126944 in the tomato genetic background. This library of ILs will be used in breeding for resistance to several viral diseases, and also with different breeding purposes. A set of ILs derived from S. lycopersicoides, a more distant wild tomato relative which has not been thoroughly exploited in tomato breeding, is also being screened with different objectives, mainly related to resistance to viral diseases and fruit quality.

Heads of group:
Ana Pérez

Maria José Díez

Phone : (+34)96387000


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