Breeding for Quality - Introduction


Following consumer complains on the characteristics of modern vegetable varieties one of the most dynamic trends in vegetable plant breeding is the improvement of organoleptic, nutritional and functional quality.

This is the main objective of this research group. Our lines of research include:

  • Development of analytic techniques for the quantification of compounds related to organoleptic, nutritional and functional quality, including individual sugars and acids, vitamins, carotenoids and flavonols.
  • Screening sources of variation four high levels of compounds related to vegetable quality in traditional and wild genetic resources.
  • Determination of genotypic, environmental and interaction effects on the content of compounds related to vegetable quality.
  • Introgression of high quality characteristics obtained in wild and traditional genetic resources into experimental pre-breeding lines. Our services can be extended to other groups and companies and are focused in analytic quantification of sugars, acids and carotenoids, professional advise in commercial quality controls and pre-breeding processes.

Head of group:
Jaime Cebolla

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(+34)963877000 Ext:79423

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