Soil abiotic and biotic stress breeding - Introduction

Soil Abiotics IntroThe overall research focus of the group is breeding vegetables for a better adaptation to stressful soils. The group research includes genetic approaches to dissect resistance to soilborne stresses such as fungal diseases as well as mineral deficiencies and toxicities. Our work within this topic includes: studies of the root architectural traits, analysis of gene expression and screenings of diversity for adaptation to infertile soils. We have a broad experience working with root systems and diversity of Cucumis melo L. We have delivered new varieties of melon tolerant to the soilborne disease ‘Melon vine decline’. We have identified some QTLs associated with root traits such as root length and branching. In addition, we have studied the morphological and transcriptional response against phosphorus deficiency contrasting genotypes of Cucumis. More recently we have extended our work into Capsicum ssp. looking for drought resistance.

Head of group:
Ana Fita

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